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MarzMethod© Directory of Certified Facilitators

Find professionals certified by the MarzMethod© and Horse Guided Empowerment© in skills that help people incorporate the horses and transformation into their day-to-day experience of life. Bridging the intuitive connection between heart and mind deepens our connection with each other. Each person listed in this directory holds an up-to-date license to deliver Christina Marz’s and Horse Guided Empowerment© techniques and training.

MarzMethod© Certified Facilitators are individuals licensed to share the MarzMethod© techniques and technology to help their clients reduce stress, overcome anxiety and build physical and/or emotional resilience, often including horses or inspired by equines. Certified Facilitators work with their clients in a mentoring or coaching style, specifically, one on one (1-1) or in small group sessions over time.

MarzMethod© Mentors and Docents have been personally invited to provide MarzMethod© training programs ‘live’ or in online settings for the public or within organizations and specifically support certification students during their learning process. Mentors and Docents are allowed to embed MarzMethod© modules, techniques, or scientific concepts into other training programs they offer.

MarzMethod© Speakers have presented on one of our conventions in 2017, 2019, and 2021. 



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