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Sin Miedo® is an Initiative co-founded by Patricia White and Christina Marz in 2016, when a 7.8 earthquake devastated the coastal village Canoa in Ecuador.

Our pillars are dynamic mindfulness, art interventions and resilience building activities such as yoga, or  empowerment counseling. Emergency preparedness (as in the Orange Backpack Project, 2017 and the Pandemic Response Campaign, 2020) may become a goal in areas of natural disasters.

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About Sin Miedo®

Empowerment and Resilience 

The Sin Miedo® Initiative has been involved in creating and executing ongoing and emergency response social projects in Ecuador, Latin America since 2016.  We have been funded by many generous individuals, as well as the Cloud Base Foundation501(c)3 and the Lexi-Drake Foundation 501(c)3.  

Artful Interventions

Projects realized all over Ecuador

2016-2019 Resilience Teacher Trainings, Canoa, Bahia de Caraquez, San Vicente, Santo Domingo, Otavalo, Cotacachi
2016-2021 Resilience Workshops, San Pablo, Otavalo, Canoa, Cotacachi
2017-2018 Mural Festival, Canoa
2017 Orange Backpack Project, Canoa, Santo Domingo, Bahía de Caraquez, San Vicente
2020 Pandemic Response Project, Cotacachi, Santa Elena
2021 Centro Sin Miedo, Cotacachi

Current Collaborators:

Alli Tolbert, Sebastián Nuñez, Hector Paredes, Xiomara Ruales, Martha Chavez, Luca Ring, Jorge Vinueza;