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Specialized and Continuing Education for Professionals

The continuing education and specializations offerings are aimed at therapists who want to know new methods, for professionals who work with horses, and also for the general public who want to train for personal reasons. Each course culminates with a certificate of attendance. Some courses offer the option of certifying knowledge as an additional step.

Holistic Equine Therapy Course

Teachers: Christina Marz and Xiomara Ruales;
Investment: USD $980
Includes 60 video lessons: horse grooming, holistic theory, fundamentals of psychology and physical therapy, disorders, exercises, project management, user assessment

Introduction Video Coming Soon!

Teacher: Emil Borja
Investment: USD $Coming Soon
Aimed at Coaches, Counselors, Therapists and facilitators of Coaching and Empowerment with horses
Five modules in e-learning system, Five individual sessions

The following courses are on hold during the health crisis:

Teacher: Christina Marz;
Content: Morphic field, systems theory (Hellinger), affirmative sentences, case studies, invitation of the pack, limits

Teacher: Emil Borja;
Content: Neuroscience, addiction theory, suitable exercises, limits and recommendations

Teachers: Christina Marz, Katharina Laipple
Aimed at: Coaches, facilitators, teachers, parents
Content: Neuroscience, trauma theory, therapy methods, suitable exercises, limits and recommendations
Fundamental information on cognitive-behavioral theory, simple self-support strategies, crisis containment, and first aid are provided to prevent dissociation and post-traumatic stress syndrome.


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Specialized and Continuing Education for Professionals


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Calle Luis Alberto Moreno y Dolores Cacuango
Cotacachi, Ecuador 100350


Finca Pluma Blanca
Entrance from La Calera
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  • Our teachers bring experience in the field as well as didactic knowledge and interest in research.
  • The evaluation of our services is transparent.
  • We carry out constant supervision to provide the highest level of quality and timeliness to our clients and students.
  • Our ethics and quality committee advises us at all times.
  • Institutes and independent professionals are in charge of monitoring the quality of teaching and the health of the horses.
  • We have the endorsement of the Salesian University, the UNESCO Chair, and the CEMLAD Higher Technical Institute (Ecuador).
  • With more than 15 years of experience in the field of horse therapy based on natural dressage, we are among the pioneers worldwide.