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Validation, Ethics and Quality at Our ILATAC Institute

For us, research and validation is an important part that guarantees the quality and ethical management of the promoted services. OUR INSTITUTE promotes the validation of services through a standard of tools applied with facilitators certified by us.

EcC® Questionnaire for Socio-Emotional and Skills Assessment. See Evaluation

Children and Adolescents, Life Coaching and Psychotherapy

Skills and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) available for children 2-17 years old, including parenting, self-assessment and review versions. The format is available in many languages and for free at this link: SDQ Questionnaire Spanish

Adults, Coaching for Life

Characteristic Analysis of Mauricio Gex, based on the typology of Heymans Le Senn. Download document HERE.

Adults, Professional and Leadership Coaching

Leader Behavior Analysis II, LBAII Questionnaire – Self-perception, by Blanchard et al. Download document HERE.

In our field of work, which are interventions with horses, it is also important to constantly measure and evaluate the well-being of equines. Each facilitator agrees to monitor the welfare of their herd with a professional veterinarian in their area. For complicated cases or to obtain a second opinion, this international professional association supports us:

Equine Health Committee

Amici Cannis Foundation

Dr. Heather Steyn

Amici Cannis Foundation
Homeopathy for Animals

Katharina Besler

Homeopathy for Animals

Advisors in Coaching and Therapy

Coach ICC / ICF

Emil Borja

Coach ICC / ICF

Katharina Laipple


Christina Marz

  • Our teachers bring experience in the field as well as didactic knowledge and interest in research.
  • The evaluation of our services is transparent.
  • We carry out constant supervision to provide the highest level of quality and timeliness to our clients and students.
  • Our ethics and quality committee advises us at all times.
  • Institutes and independent professionals are in charge of monitoring the quality of teaching and the health of the horses.
  • We have the endorsement of the Salesian University, the UNESCO Chair, and the CEMLAD Higher Technical Institute (Ecuador).
  • With more than 15 years of experience in the field of horse therapy based on natural dressage, we are among the pioneers worldwide.


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Validation, Ethics and Quality


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