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Hello there!

Welcome to the Insider Circle.

Christina has helped
SoulBiz owners from Chile to Dubai.
Now it is your time to thrive.

Mentoring with Christina is a new and dynamic opportunity for you to ROCKET your life into the next dimension!

My mentoring provides you with clarity and the ability to leverage the empathetic sensitivity of your very unique Intuitive Competence through my innovative, accredited procedures.

Together, we will create a mind-blowing transformation of your life or business.

Mentoring with Christina is only for the Ambitious Oneswho don´t believe in their superpower yet.

Read on for more info:

Coping with Trauma and Anxiety:
Who I Was, What Happened, and Who I am Now

In this provocative interview, Christina Marz talks about her discovery of her profound connection with horses, and how she channeled that into helping humans as well. She is honest and vulnerable about what is involved in being both a mother and business woman. She takes you through how the pandemic affected her and her business in a – surprisingly – positive way. Listen as Christina speaks with warmth and transparency about herself, her work, and keeping up with a changing world.

Become a VIP to Christina Marz and learn all her secrets

MarzMethod® stands for Holistic, Nature-based and Scientifically proven interventions, inspired by horses shaped into an innovative, irresistible model that empowers you to reach for the stars. 

Connect with your Intuitive Competence, bend reality (yes, I mean that) and bring your tools of client transformation to a new level. Your business will change in such a profound and meaningful way that your ideas can come to life efficiently, time after time, to create remarkable and dynamic change.


Mentoring with Christina includes regular coaching conversations, material, an in-person weekend, and two intensive mornings for a guaranteed transformation. 

My Intuitive Competence are horses. Herds of horses. They taught me to heal my limiting beliefs, they inspired me and
they empowered me to reach for the stars.
They helped me make my dream come true. 

What if you could find YOUR unique Intuitive Competence, create the life of your dreams and make a lasting impact?

10 years ago I had a small equine coaching program in Ecuador that covered the cost of my herd. I ran small, national retreats and loved it. 

7 years ago I had published the manual to Horse Guided Empowerment® and taught a group of friends what I was doing. 

5 years ago I got divorced and left our retreat lodge with my herd of six horses, three homeschooled kids under 13, no savings and a fierce desire to «Make. It. Happen.» 

3 years ago, I was renting a pasture for my herd and had expanded to run international certification groups in Germany and Dubai. I had several retreats planned for 2020. The Pandemic shut it all down. 

Today, my kids and I live in my custom built dream home on our farm, surrounded by the horses and volcano views. 

I have my own non-profit foundation and a Social Therapy Center, where my team of 8 colleagues offers therapies with and without horses every day of the week. 

I have published 4 books with translations in three languages. 

I run an international school with students in 32 countries. I have influenced over 10,000 people with my methods, Horse Guided Empowerment® and Holistic Equine Therapy.

How did I achieve that? Read on to become an insider.... 

I achieved all the above with a fierce belief 
and total devotion to my Intuitive Competence.

I called it MarzMethod and it became MAwesome Recipe of Zen:

I regulate my emotions with HeartMath® for inner peace and focus.
I use my very own Horse Guided Empowerment® to power up. 

I use Dynamic Visualization as a key ingredient to success.

I do not ever give up.
Not for one day. Well, maybe. But never longer than that 😉

How can YOU achieve something similar?

«With every feedback, I am learning something new. Thank you.» Candice, Chile


Belen in Argentina went from insecure facilitator to selling out her workshop and signing several students for her new program. 


Marcos in the US gained clarity over his dreams, bought THE most amazing countryside home, and will probably be happy ever after. 


Anne in Indonesia tweaked the offerings of her riding school,  focused on her ideal student, and  now has more clients than ever before.


What do YOU want to achieve?

What to expect 

  • Regular coaching calls with Christina Marz, worldwide docent, author of 6 books, creator of HGE® and EtH®, herd keeper, homeschool Mum, idea producer. 
  • Mastermind sessions with other mentees
  • Assignments to complete between calls
  • HeartMath® Training for personal use
  • Mastery of The List© 
  • A dynamic combination of psychology, embodiment, coaching, neuro-science and passion

Hand-picked material and ongoing Supervision while you reach for the stars.

MarzMethod® is almost too good to be true and will change your worldview forever

    • Bend your own reality through dynamic visualization
    • Regulate your emotions and influence your surroundings
    • Restore your Sense of Coherence and make it enhance your life
    • Pick from a toolbox of latest research in neuro-science and adapt your habits
    • Understand your Intuitive Competence and bring it to profit
    • Connect with horses or another natural force (waves, mountains, …) for empowerment
    • Create your unique system to «Make. It. Happen.»
    • Define your ideal client or student who can´t wait to buy from you
    • Bonus: unlimited ideas from Christina

It sounds like Woowoo Magic, but it´s actually science and once you know that, you can sit back, enjoy a coffee and watch the miracle unfold:

The rate of application in my method is immediate which changes you from SESSION 1 onward and nobody can ever take that away from you.

The science-based tools I am using are easy to use,
busy-single-parent-practical, and bring immediate results.

The inclusion of nature´s power is extremely helpful,
and you already know that I am not the first to say that.

Your Intuitive Competence is such a super power,
you will punch yourself for not using it earlier. 

Step One - is this really for you?

  • This Mentoring Circle is for the Ambitious Ones. You should already be an entrepreneur, and you should have a (blurry) vision of your dream career. 
  • We will bond even more if you love horses too, but it´s not mandatory. I´ve helped many equestrians, but I´ve also helped a fancy hairstylist, a frustrated marketing genius, several holistic healers, and a former magician. 
  • You need to put time and effort into this circle. I can give you the proven roadmap that worked for many others, but I can´t practice for you. These tools are NOT for the drawer, they need to become part of your daily life if you want to Make.It.Happen. 
  • I am not your guru. I NEED you to ask questions, to challenge what I tell you, to think for yourself and to find your own, unique style. You are the only one to fully understand your unique path. Critical learning, constant adaption and transformative teaching are keys to extraordinary results. 
  • Try not. Do… or do not. There is no Try. 
  • If the last phrase sounds just weird, you are not my ideal client (which is OK). But be warned, I use Star Wars analogies A LOT and it will be most awesome if you can connect to that. 

Step Two

  • Book an exploration call with me to find out, if your enrollment to the Mentoring Circle will truly make us both happy. We will ask each other a lot of questions and if it feels effortless, if it feels as if we knew each other for many years, then we are good to go. 
  • You receive a payment link for credit card (via Stripe) and we can schedule our first session. 

Step Three - Make.It.Happen.

  • We meet preferably every 1-2 weeks. These sessions are intense and require your undivided attention.
  • You will receive assignments to complete. As a VIP for Christina and her mentors you can reach out if you have questions or need motivation. 
  • You will meet other mentees and receive unlimited invitations to exclusive mastermind sessions. 
  • We´ll see remarkable change happen and you will become unstoppable.  

"Every second I invested in this program was returned in gold. Christina's ideas are award-worthy." 

How much longer do YOU want to wait? 

The time is now. 

This program is valued at 12k. 

Now it´s time to Make.It.Happen. 

*Schedule a free zoom meeting with Christina and ask everything you want to know about the Mentoring Circle. She will answer all your specific questions and help you find out if this offer will make you happy.

There are no strings attached. 

Psst….. If you have read that far, you are probably at least curious. Use the call to get some
of her secrets for free! She overdelivers. 😉 

CON LOGO-15 copy

This Mentoring Offer is 

    • Life Changing – you change your worldview in session one
    • Easy to manage – you travel only if you want to 
    • Practical – you apply everything right away. Christina masters the rate of application.
    • Comprehensive – Christina works with people of all cultures and backgrounds
    • Connected – meet Christina’s Mastermind Group
    • Personalized – 0% procrastination, 100% accountability
    • Fun – you have no imagination of how much fun you´ll have once you Make.It.Happen.