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Founded in 2008, Horse Guided Empowerment® (also know as Empoderamiento con Caballos® ) is a unique equine therapy certification method for motivating deep personal change in coaching and therapy sessions for groups, individuals and families.

Horses communicate through emotions and they are constantly scanning their environment for an energetic change. As social animals, they need authentic, congruent and predictable behavior in order to maintain harmony and safety in their herd. During our sessions and retreats, the horses will reflect your emotions and serve as a canvas for hidden thoughts, patterns or early affirmations. They do not judge or manipulate us, and they can not be fooled by our masks as they react to the feelings behind our actions.

Christina Marz, family counselor, trauma specialist, and natural horsemanship expert, ​will ​supervise your self-reflection to help you learn what blocks or motivates you and where you can find support for positive change. The feedback provided by the horses comes with impressive images that are easy to remember and support your personal growth.​ ​

We offer individual and group sessions, facilitator training, equine therapy certification, and retreats in stunning locations.
For more information please contact us. All activities will allow you to see horses in a life-changing way. Previous experience with horses is welcome but not necessary.

What is Unique about Horse Guided Empowerment®?

Natural Environment

The sensory input and nature helps you relax and heal.

Certified Facilitators

Our facilitators follow the same equine therapy certification standards.

No magic just science

Our success is based on a solid theoretical foundation.


You will feel more relaxed and connected. Guaranteed.

Personalized Interventions

Our sessions are 100% tailored to your needs.

Everybody is welcome

Families, executives, or special needs clients: nobody is left out.

Our Services


Coaching, Therapy, and Natural Horsemanship

We hold equine therapy certification groups online and all over the world and offer introductory online classes for Coaches, Psychologists, Therapists, and Horse People.

Team Coaching

Leadership, Problem Solving, Assertiveness

The participants will develop a bond to the horses and see themselves reflected in the herd. We create a safe space where team members will become authentic. 


Trauma, Relationships, Depression, Grief

The horses will directly react to our emotions and serve as a canvas for projection. The non-judgmental interactions help us find our own truth and a new path towards well-being.


Trouble Shooting, Herd Handling, Non-Violent Training

Our philosophy is based on the natural herd behavior with intrinsic motivation and we work strictly without violence.

Become a Certified Facilitator in Equine Therapy of Horse Guided Empowerment® by MarzMethod©

and offer a unique and deeply moving experience to your clients. You can offer a wide range of activities such as counseling, coaching, yoga, health and wellness, burn out prevention, after school programs and much more, depending on your professional experience and training.

  • Lead group and individual sessions
  • Select and prepare horses for this method
  • Read the horses’ body language
  • Diagnose your clients´ root issue
  • Choose activities that empower clients and fit their session goals
  • Develop new exercises aligned with your niche
  • Understand the basics of natural horsemanship and its exercises
  • Defend the need for natural horse care and living in a herd
  • Sell your group or individual programs successfully

The theoretical background is delivered by multimedia material (textbook, workbook, videos, audios) and 12 online group classes. Our material is available in English, Spanish and German. You will become a VIP to Christina Marz and she will be available for your questions and needs. We also hold regular virtual group Q & A´s to prepare you for the theoretical test and to support you while you complete the required 20 hours of supervised practical experience. And finally, your results are submitted to our ethics board at the ILATAC Institute for your accredited diploma as Certified Practitioner of Horse guided Empowerment®.

Join us at our unique

MarzMethod© & Horse Guided Empowerment® Retreats

Rediscover joy, connect with yourself, become EMPOWERED and gain clarity to take your next steps


This quest will take you to the most amazing place. Not only physically, also emotionally and spiritually! This retreat is a unique journey of self-empowerment. Let’s explore together how we can take matters into our own hands and thrive amidst all the chaos that is surrounding us. Our qualified Practitioners will create a safe space where you can explore your deepest emotions, and discover how you can create your best life possible. Get away from everything for a few days and allow yourself the possibility to discover what truly matters to you.

Galapagos Horse Friends

26 March to 2 April 2022
11 June to 18 June 2022
20 August to 28 August 2022

Assertiveness &
Tidal Change

Draining fatigue, fear or debilitating stress are a problem for many adults in our fast paced life. If you want to re-connect with your compassionate, energetic self in a guided container, this hands-on experience in one of the most unique natural habitats is for you. Relaxation, individual coaching, mindfulness, natural horsemanship and the extraordinary sights of the island combine to a profound experience which leads to lasting change. You deserve it too! Empathy, respect and well-being of both clients and horses are the pillars of our work.

Step into your future – confidently and clearly!

A unique new FeelQuest Retreat experience!
Use this special week on vast, endless lands to get in touch with your inner nature.
Do you feel like there is an emptiness, a loneliness in your life?
Maybe you just went through a break off, lost someone dear to you, or lost your job and need to find out what is next?
Did you move to a new place or phase in life?
Together, let’s turn the vast emptiness into a canvas of possibilities!

Join us virtually for an introduction or a complete certification


with and without horses

Before we dive in officially, let´s get to know each other a bit.
Please schedule a free consultation.