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Learn Horse Guided Empowerment® for Coaching & Healing with Horses in a thriving online group & practice with your own horses.

Christina and her mentors have successfully trained
over 500 professionals worldwide.
Now it is your time to thrive.

Join our thriving community, learn from our experience, 
and practice with your own horses.

Welcome to Horse Guided Empowerment®!

Countries Served
Happy Clients Worldwide
Years of Experience
Professionals Trained

I will teach YOU to partner with horses

Together, we can create a high impact offer that changes the lives of your clients, is loved by your horses, and supports your holistic lifestyle.


Large organizations such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, Nestlé, ChevyPlan and Kantar utilize the Horse Guided Empowerment® model by Christina Marz in their training processes, because it quickly and reliably helps increase self-knowledge, mutual respect, and trust among members of the team.

As a horse lover, you know how empowering and healing it is to be around these amazingly sensitive animals. 

What if you could learn to facilitate sessions for individuals, groups, families and even companies that would connect then with the equine energy?

Imagine they could learn to regulate their emotions for a more fulfilling life and you could generate an income with something you love?

Several scientific studies have shown that horses can read our intentions. People achieve better emotional and physical health when they share time with a calm herd. We will teach you evidence-based techniques to empower yourself and your clients.

In counseling or psychotherapy sessions with horses, it is not necessary to analyze the past in detail. The horses reveal the root of a blockage within a short time and together with the therapist they guide the client towards a practical solution. Through dynamic exercises and the direct response of the herd, your “Sense of Coherence” is restored, which is key to understanding complicated situations in both, personal life and professional environments.

Horse Guided Empowerment® facilitators are guided by the horse´s innate sensitivity. We work with several, unrestrained horses in a big paddock. It is here and with help from the herd, that we initiate the process of personal growth, resolve traumatic stress, enhance team development and work out couple and family issues. The connection with the true nature of the horse is essential for the success of the session as it opens new perspectives which lead to deep and lasting changes.

Clients do not need to have previous experience with horses. All (non-aggressive) horses are suitable for this method, but established herds get the best results. The safety and well-being of both clients and horses are our highest priorities.

Included in the Facilitator Training: 

Live Mentoring, 15+ hours of video training, 2 guide books, the complete manual of Horse Guided Empowerment, a student workbook, dozens of case studies, all our activities, and a neatly organized virtual classroom

course material

Facilitator Online Certification Program Horse Guided Empowerment® by Christina Marz

Horse Guided Empowerment® is my innovative model that combines the tools of coaching and positive psychology with the guiding principles of natural horse handling in a unique and profound way. 


The result is an effective system that allows the facilitator to provide lasting, dynamic experiences that lead their clients to remarkable change.


The Horse Guided Empowerment® Certification for Facilitators provides coaches, health professionals, mentors, and trainers the ability to leverage the empathetic sensitivity of the Horse with the accredited procedures applied by Christina Marz to deliver world-renowned equine guided interventions to those in need. The course is delivered to a small group in a dynamic and practical online format during which you practice with your own horses. 

Note: Horse Guided Empowerment® is Empoderamiento con Caballos®

During this 6 month online certification you will learn...

  • To practice natural horse handling and invitation-based, positively reinforced herd training to prepare your horses for this new journey.
  • To understand and facilitate the tools from several Psychology and Coaching methods so that you can help your clients change limiting beliefs, overcome anxiety, and live a more fulfilling life.
  • To conduct planned activities with horses in different settings with one or several clients, as well as, develop the ability to create your own activities that match your niche and professional background.
  • Clases with Christina Marz, founder of Horse Guided Empowerment® 
  • Assignments to complete with your horses
  • The 180-page Horse Guided Empowerment© Practitioner Manual with the Theoretical Framework, Case Studies, Activity List, and Procedures 

  • Detailed material about Couples Work, Play Intreventions, Trauma Work, Question Techniques, and more
  • Q&A Sessions with your peers
  • Constant 1-1 mentoring and supervision
  • Bonus 1: How to convince with Body Language, Masterclass
  • Bonus 2: How to create meditations for the paddock, Masterclass

Horse Guided Empowerment® is a world of possibilities

After completing the theoretical-practical instruction in Horse Guided Empowerment® delivered in this course, you will be able to

    • Invite your horses to a session effortlessly 
    • Apply Group & Individual Coaching Interventions
    • Use my Powerful Paddock Question Technique
    • Work with People 1:1 in Profound Sessions
    • Include Mindfulness & Meditation with Horses
    • Include Systemic Constellations with Horses
    • Offer Retreats and Group Workshops
    • Apply Trauma-Informed Coaching
    • Include Holistic Equine Therapy Activities for Kids
    • Offer Assessment Centers with Horses
    • Offer Corporate Training or Team Workshops
    • and most importantly: You will LIVE YOUR DREAM of working with your horses to help people.

Optional - Application

  • You got questions or don´t know Christina yet? Apply now HERE . I will respond to your application and answer all your questions to decide together if this course will make you happy. 

Step Two - Signing up

  • You purchase the course and get enrolled in my virtual classroom. The first lesson opens IMMEDIATELY, welcoming you to the Facilitator Certification Program and providing instructions for preparation. There is an amazing movie you can watch right away and you will receive our manual to start reading. 

Step Three - Learning

  • Every time you watch a lesson you will receive an assignment to complete with your horses. You will discuss your learning with the other students and reach out to Christina or the other mentors if you have any questions.
  • If life gets in the way, you can watch the recording of the class and catch up with the assignments a bit later. You should set aside 4-5 hours per week during this phase. 
  • After completing the theoretical-practical instruction, you will receive a Diploma of Attendance and move into the Certification Process. This process is flexible and may take you about 1-3 months to complete. You will receive 1:1 supervision by Christina and her team, as well as continuing support from your student group. During this time you will already attend paying clients and live your dream of helping people with horses! 
  • The title Holistic Horse Coach Certified in Horse Guided Empowerment© is awarded to you after submitting your 15 practical experience documentations, successful completion of the theory review and approval of your final client supervision.

This course is 

    • Easy to handle – no traveling involved
    • Practical – you work with your horses and clients from week the beginning
    • Comprehensive – Christina teaches people of all cultures and backgrounds
    • Successful – the certification rate is 78% (industry standard 43%)
    • Cohort Based – increases motivation and peer support

Frequently Asked Questions

More Testimonials for Christina

You love what you are reading and want to join my worldwide community? 

Excellent, that means that more horses will be heard and more people will benefit form the healing wisdom of the herd. 

Now there is only one more decision: 

Which one is your preferred modality to become a Horse Guided Empowerment® Facilitator?


Intro Course: Build a Heart-Connection to horses in 2 hours with simple exercises that work for everyone at $29

Learn the science behind Heart-Focused Breathing and why it is so helpful for horse owners and riders. Learn our signature activities Energy Hug® and DescribeMe®

Find out if you want to study Horse Guided Empowerment in depth.

Recommended for riders and horse lovers who want to explore coaching and healing with horses. Perfect to create the best life for your horses and thrive together.

Healing with Horses (2)

Silver Package: Learn Horse Guided Empowerment® for personal use and create a dream partnership for mutual wellbeing with horses at $980   

Online training + supervised practice with your horses. You have the constant guidance of mentors and you connect with peers. This flexible, efficient format is the result of my 25 years of experience and prepares you excellently for healing and coaching with horses. No travel required. 

Recommended for 
heart-centered horse owners, vets and riders who believe that horses
are more than a partner in sports. Perfect to overcome anxiety in a lasting way. 

Gold Package: Professional Certification in Horse Guided Empowerment with 12 classes & supervised practice that teach you how to do the job with your horses at $2970   

Online training + supervised practice with your horses. You have the constant guidance of mentors and you connect with peers. This flexible, efficient format is the result of my 25 years of experience and prepares you excellently for healing and coaching with horses. 

No travel required! You practice with your horses. 

Recommended for 
passionate and disciplined people who want to learn guided by experts with their own horses. Perfect for coaches with an equestrian background.

You need at least 1 horse to practice with
and 2+ hours time per week.  

Horse Guided Empowerment® Certification

Diamond Standard:  Learn Horse Guided Empowerment® for professional use without accumulating any doubts for maximum professionalism at $6870

You are serious about creating a CAREER in coaching & healing with horses? 

AWESOME! Welcome to my world.

You receive my 12 comprehensive online classes and 20 page manual, a student community with group mentoring, supervised practice and constant 1-1 mentoring; I will give you my personal guidance and full attention for your specific professional questions. 

Recommended for
barn or herd owners  with a background or high interest in personal development who want to be mentored by the expert in a hands-on way. Perfect for rescue sanctuaries and equine therapy centers.

You need 2 or more
horses and 4+ hours per week.

Still doubting? Watch me teach and see if we are a match: