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Founder of MarzMethod, Horse Guided Empowerment®,
Sin Miedo® Foundation, and Ilatac Institute.
Author of 5 books, idea producer, speaker, philanthropist, animal rescue squad.
HeartMath® trainer, holistic psychologist, mentor for emerging entrepreneurs.
German ex-pat, divorced homeschool mum of 3, home builder, farm owner.

Hello there!

My name is Christina Marz. Thank you for sharing this space with me. I live for 20 years in the northern Andes of Ecuador, on my dream farm that I built for my three boys, 6 horses, many dogs and 2 cats who rule over all of us. 

My mission in life is to help people find healing for themselves and others through the wisdom of horses. 

As part of my work I lead retreats, mentor emerging entrepreneurs, teach Life Coaching with Horses worldwide, write books and serve as an advisor for institutions from Argentina to the United Arabian Emirates.

My work is a result of everything I have learned and experienced in my life, including 18+ years as a mother, 30+ years of practice in rehabilitating horses and 44+ years as a member of a complicated birth family.

Life coaching with horses

I am most grateful when I support others in their healing, or when I help colleagues build a sustainable, 6-figure service offer with their herds.

In my private life, I can be found admiring the views of my farm, discussing Star Wars with my 3 boys, reading a lot, and avoiding grocery shopping.

Giving back and helping those in crisis has always been a big motivator for me. Therefore, my non-profit organization Sin Miedo© (“No Fear”) provides emotional support and trauma mitigation in Imbabura, Ecuador.

I am curious, self-directed and a little obsessed with my two passions, horses and holistic psychology. My family is my motivator and my herd is my haven. I want to make emotional health accesible to everyone and when I want something, I usually make it happen. Stay tuned. 

I am educated in
Psychology, Mental Health & Coaching

Bengston Healing Model©
Certified HeartMath® Trainer
TeleMental Health, Zur Institute
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, IATP
CBT Trauma Interventions, NCTSN/MUSC
Certified REBT-Mindset Coach, Transformation Academy
Positive Psychiatry & Mental Health, University of Sydney
Body Language, Science of People
Cognitive Processing Therapy, NCTSN
Systemic Constellations, Werkstatt Psychology

Interested in Healing with Horses?
Start today! It will change your life.

Families are my specialty:

Adolescent Trauma & Substance Abuse, NCTSN
Motivational Interviewing (MI), 3C Institute
Couples Therapy (Attachment Model), The Couples Institute
Child-centered Play Therapist CCPT-P, Play Therapy Institute
Filial Therapy for Play Therapists, Rise van Fleet
Specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorders
The Work for Teens, Byron Katie
Resolving Chronic Misbehavior, CMI Institute
HandinHand Parenting

And, of course, I learned everything around horses:

PathIntl Mentor Boot Camp
Horse assisted Learning, Pacagua
Family Constellations with horses, Pacagua
Equine-assisted EMDR protocol
Equine Veterinarian Care, Tallgrass Institute
Equine Dentistry Internship, Cliff Hanna
Parelli Natural Horsemanship (Level 3)
Carolyn Resnick Waterhole Rituals
KFH Dancing with Horses
Equine TTouch, Linda Tellington-Jones
Therapeutic Riding and Volting, Marianne Gaeng

+ a childhood full of riding, volting & driving