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Christina Marz© is a family therapist, the founder of Empoderamiento con Caballos® / Horse Guided Empowerment© and a teacher at the Latin American Institute of Therapy and Learning with Horses, ILATAC©. Currently, Christina is mainly dedicated to the academic endorsement and the Training and Certification of professionals at an international level through the ILATAC© Institute.

Hello! My name is Christina Marz and this is me
with my signature horse and trauma-expert, Flamenco.

I am the founder and creator of The Marz Method©, Horse Guided Empowerment©, Empoderamiento con Caballos®, and The Sin Miedo Initiative©. As part of my work I attend counseling clients, teach worldwide, write books and serve as an advisor for many institutions. I am also a founding board member The Galapagos Horse Friends Foundation, and the Society for Ethics and Animal Welfare International (EAW)

My work is a result of everything I have learned and experienced in my life, including 30+ years of experience in training, managing, and rehabilitating horses.

Walk with Flamenco

Now in 2021, I dedicate most of my time to developing our retreat program, as well as to the constant improvement of my method through networking and training of professionals all over the world.
I am most grateful when I support others on their trauma healing journeys, or when I help colleagues build a successful, holistic coaching business with their herds. Apart from that, I can be found homeschooling my three boys.

Giving back and helping those in crisis has always been a big motivator for me and over the years I have created an important philanthropic project: The Sin Miedo© (meaning “No Fear”) Initiative offers trauma mitigation for families through sponsored sessions, mural art projects, and educational material. As you can imagine, we have our hands full in the developing country of Ecuador.

I define myself as a Family Therapist with a specialization in trauma and HeartMath®. My studies include marketing psychology and clinical psychology in Germany and the United States, and I constantly add new knowledge to my portfolio. As a self-directed, very curious researcher I never stop learning.

I am educated in
Psychology, Mental Health & Coaching

Certified HeartMath® Trainer
TeleMental Health, Zur Institute
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, IATP
Cognitive-Behavioral Trauma Interventions, NCTSN/MUSC
Certified REBT-Mindset Life Coach, Transformation Academy
Positive Psychiatry & Mental Health, University of Sydney
Body Language, Science of People
Cognitive Processing Therapy, NCTSN
Systemic Constellations, Werkstatt Psychology

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My specialization are families

Adolescent Trauma & Substance Abuse, NCTSN
Motivational Interviewing (MI), 3C Institute
Couples Therapy (Attachment Model), The Couples Institute
Child-centered Play Therapist CCPT-P, Play Therapy Institute
Filial Therapy for Play Therapists, Rise van Fleet
Specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorders
The Work for Teens, Byron Katie
Resolving Chronic Misbehavior, CMI Institute
HandinHand Parenting


And, of course, everything around horses!

PathIntl Mentor Boot Camp
Horse assisted Learning, Pacagua
Family Constellations with horses, Pacagua
Equine-assisted EMDR protocol

Equine Veterinarian Care, Tallgrass Institute
Equine Dentistry Internship, Cliff Hanna
Parelli Natural Horsemanship (Level 3)
Carolyn Resnick Waterhole Rituals
KFH Dancing with Horses
Equine TTouch, Linda Tellington-Jones
Therapeutic Riding and Volting, Marianne Gaeng
A childhood full of classic dressage, volting and driving

Yogui bareback

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Certification, Coaching, Counseling, Training

As an independent institute, we have the goal of bringing more transparency and standardized quality to the world of learning and healing with horses. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the use of horses in coaching, psychotherapy and physical therapy, as well as in the field of certifications and training. There is not yet an entity that regulates this profession and not all offers in the market have a well-rounded or endorsed curriculum.

ILATAC, our Institute, has been working for years in the training of professionals at an international level, being the only institute in Latin America that emphasizes natural horse handling through the sponsored method Empoderamiento con Caballos® and Horse Guided Empowerment© and that covers various professions with horses:

Coaching with Horses for Companies and Institutions

Inclined towards Systemic Coaching. Recommended by the Human Resources department of the Nestlé company and endorsed by Price Waterhouse Coopers Consulting.

Inclined towards Systemic Coaching, Gestalt Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology. Recommended by International Coaching Community (ICC) Master Coaches.

Focusing on the work with children and special needs clients. Socio-emotional, cognitive, motor skills, and language activities, both on the horse and from the ground. Sorry, Spanish only!

Specialized topics of interest, for example Assessment Center with Horses, Work with Couples, Trauma-informed Interventions, and more.

Our Institute is the platform for support, information and control of interventions with horses. We are interested in sharing your scientific study, or review your training curriculum. We are interested in collaborations with other organizations at an international level because in a herd we have more opportunities for interdisciplinary professional exchange and continuous improvement that stand out from other offers. We look forward to talking to you!

Principal Office:

Calle Luis Alberto Moreno y Dolores Cacuango
Cotacachi, Ecuador 100350
Phone: +593 98 359 1568
WhatsApp: +593 98 359 1568

Centro de Instrucción:

Finca Naboo
Cotacachi, San Martín, Ecuador

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