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Welcome to my world

Hi there! I am Christina

“Welcome to my world where people and horses heal together. 

I choose to believe that emotional wellbeing can be taught to everyone and I am obsessed with the idea that horses will help us in this mission.

Join my worldwide SoulTribe and partner with horses in a high-impact modality that supports your holistic lifestyle. And the best part: Your herd will love it too.

I am excited to become your mentor for healing with horses.”


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Curiosity. Passion. Intention

“Horse Guided Empowerment® is an innovative, high impact modality for mental wellness and personal development. It is sustainable, respectful and combines scientifically proven tools into a life-changing experience that is now available in 32 countries.” 

Christina Marz is a Transformational Speaker, Holistic Psychologist, Certified HeartMath® Trainer, Mindset Coach, and Family Counselor with a specialization in trauma recovery. She has published several books, is a natural horsemanship advocate who rehabilitates rescued horses, and a philanthropist by heart. 

Christina is dedicated to making emotional well-being available to everyone. Under her guidance the team at her Social Therapy Center, the Sin Miedo© Center in Cotacachi, Ecuador, offers sponsored sessions to address many issues, including anxiety, depression and crisis management. 

There are two roads to success Which one is yours?

Horse Guided Empowerment® Certification

Create a Career

Healing with Horses + Coaching + HeartMath® techniques + Client Psychology + Natural Horsemanship + SoulBiz Creation

Intro Course

Create a Dream Relationship

Horsemanship + HeartMath® techniques  + Mindset Coaching 

Build Trust and Connection with Horses Free eBook

Download my comprehensive practical, 30-page Trust & Connection Workbook and find out if my philosophy of partnering with horses resonates with you. 

The 4 most loved activities we use in therapies, workshops and mentorings with clients and horse owners. 

Change your relationship with horses forever! 

Professionals trained
Happy clients worldwide
Countries served

With over 20 years of connecting with horses all over the world, I will help you to achieve your dream goals with YOUR herd. 

Horses communicate through emotions and they are aware of energetic changes in the environment (just like us). As social animals they are highly intuitive and sensitive; they need authentic, congruent, and predictable behavior to maintain harmony and safety in their herd. 


In a session, we take advantage of the sensory stimulation, our body language, and the coherent heart field provided by the herd. 


My SoulTribe of certified facilitators leads 1-1 sessions, workshops, team trainings, spiritual retreats, social support groups and family interventions all over the world. 

During sessions and retreats, the herd will create a heart coherence field (HeartMath) that inspires you to feel calm, connected, and curious. They will respond to your emotions and their interactions become a canvas for your hidden thoughts, patterns, or early affirmations. Horses do not judge or manipulate, and they can not be fooled by our masks as they react to the true intentions behind our actions. The feedback provided by the horses through mostly unmounted activities comes with impressive images that are easy to remember and support your personal growth.​ ​

Are you ready to transform your life? Please contact us.

No experience? That´s OK.  We have led many people like you on their journey. We will find a way to make your dreams with horses come true. 

Natural Environment

The sensory stimulation and nature helps you relax and heal.

Certified Facilitators

A rigorous training process guarantees quality standards. 

No Magic just Science

Our success is based on a solid, scientifically proven theoretical foundation.


You will feel more relaxed and connected. Guaranteed.

Personalized Interventions

Our sessions are 100% tailored to your needs.

Everybody is welcome

Families, executives, or special needs clients: nobody is left out.

Join 300+ colleagues worldwide and offer the life-changing service of Horse Guided Empowerment® to your clients.  

You will learn to create a unique and deeply moving experience for your clients. Depending on your profession, you can integrate HGE® into a wide range of services such as counseling, coaching, yoga, mental wellness, horsemanship training or after school programs. 

Retreats with Horses meet extraordinary herds worldwide

Rediscover joy, connect with yourself, become EMPOWERED and gain clarity to take your next steps


Heal with Horses in the vast plains of Georgia EU with Monica


Heal with Horses in the Andes of Ecuador

Private Retreat
with Christina

Monica desert

Heal with Horses
in the desert of Abu Dhabi with Monica

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