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The Sin Miedo® Model: How Donations Can Help You Build a Thriving Mental Health Practice

Hello, lovely readers! I’m Christina Marz, founder and CEO of MarzMethod™ and the creator of Horse Guided Empowerment. Today, I want to share some exciting news and introduce you to a powerful initiative that has been making a significant impact on mental health practices worldwide.

Introducing the Sin Miedo® Initiative

Each month, I choose a specific topic to discuss, and this month, I want to shine a light on the transformative power of donations in building a thriving mental health practice. But before we delve into that, let me share a personal story from my recent trip to Dubai in February.

A Personal Experience in Dubai

As an international speaker and virtual teacher, I had the incredible opportunity to meet some of my students face-to-face in Dubai. It was a time filled with delightful new experiences, from savoring the flavors of delicious cuisines to spending quality time with an exceptional team of horses during workshops and sessions. Amidst it all, one thing stood out: the interest and inspiration generated by Centro Sin Miedo, my humble mental health center based in Cotacachi, Ecuador, among mental health professionals in Dubai. In fact, they even started referring to it as “The Cotacachi Model”!

Empowering Through Philanthropy

Sin Miedo® means “no fear,” and it’s a private philanthropic initiative that I co-founded with my friend Patricia White in 2016. The inception of this movement was triggered by a devastating earthquake that struck the coastal village of Canoa in Ecuador, leaving Patricia’s successful brand, Betty Surf & Yoga Retreats, in ruins within just 15 minutes. Determined to help her recover and earn income, we decided to raise funds for psychological first-aid training in the region. What began as a short-term project soon evolved into a movement that has now empowered over 15,000 people and continues to thrive today.

Building Resilience and Making a Difference

At Sin Miedo®, our mission is to build resilience through proactive empowerment counseling with and without horses, emotional regulation techniques such as HeartMath® or Dynamic Mindfulness, and creative interventions with materials designed specifically for our project. 

When needed, we are also committed to emergency preparedness during natural disasters, as exemplified by our Orange Backpack Project in 2017 and our Pandemic Response Campaign in 2020.

Since 2021, the Sin Miedo® Initiative has transformed into a social therapy center in Cotacachi, Ecuador, where families in crisis can receive subsidized or free services. None of our accomplishments would be possible without the generous support of individuals and organizations like the Lexi-Drake Foundation 501(c)3, which currently serves as our primary contributor.

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Inspiring Mental Health Professionals Worldwide

What truly sets the Sin Miedo® Initiative apart is its ability to inspire and influence mental health professionals worldwide. In Dubai and beyond, “The Cotacachi Model” has captured the imagination of practitioners who recognize the impact of our work. We hope that this model will continue to grow and flourish, making a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most.

The Power of Donations in Building a Thriving Mental Health Practice

Now, let’s talk about how donations can play a crucial role in building a thriving mental health practice. Our work at Sin Miedo® is made possible through the support of generous private contributions, enabling us to provide vital services to those in need. By donating or buying our signature products, our supporters become an integral part of our mission to empower individuals and communities, fostering lasting change and healing.

Equine Therapy: Accessing the Transformative Power of Horses

At Centro Sin Miedo, we believe that horses have the answer to the mental health crisis, and we are committed to ensuring that everyone has access to their amazing transformative power. That’s why we offer Horse Guided Empowerment® sessions as one of our subsidized offerings. Through equine-assisted activities and therapies, individuals can experience the healing and growth that comes from connecting with these magnificent animals.

I have created several fundraisers and products and I want to inspire you to do the same. By collecting donations and becoming part of a worldwide Sin Miedo® Initiative, you are not only helping provide crucial mental health services, but you are also contributing to the accessibility of equine therapy and its profound impact on individuals and communities.

How to get started

Step 1: Create your ideal niche of sponsored services. This niche can and will be different from your regular clients: up to now, you don´t serve this niche, because they can not pay for your services. Identify someone who needs your services, and is dear to your heart. For example, single mothers with young children who have suffered domestic violence.
Or wayward teenagers who live in your neighborhood, go to X school, lack support from home, and have turned to drugs. 

Yes, we want the niche to be REALLY specific.

Step 2: Identify where this population can be found. That´s where you´ll advertise your services.

Step 3: Identify who would care about this population. For example, other mums in your school, your local church, the neighborhood knitting group, etc. Choose a group that knows you and trusts you. 

Step 4: Make an attractive brochure, outlining WHAT you will do, WHY you do it, WHO will benefit, and HOW much money you are raising.  

Be realistic. $100 is not worth the effort. $100.000 might be too much unless you live in Hollywood. Do you need this amount per month? Per year? Be specific!

Step 5: Reach out! It is easier than you think. In your regular service brochure mention that you sponsor x population. Every paid session also contributes to serving that population (because paid services keep you alive and without you, the sponsored service doesn´t exist).

Step 6: DELIVER, keep flawless documentations about your activities, and enjoy your rewarding work. Inform your donors about your progress and get some testimonials or case studies from your new social clients. RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY!!!! ALWAYS!!!


Do you have more questions? Please reach out to me for more guidance.